The traditional thermo system is available on both versions. The PRESTIGE+ external temperature, in particular, can be adjusted thanks to knobs on cup warmers for each group. The knobs guarantee thermal flexibility and constant quality for all beverages dispensed.

A distinctive design with special finishes and sides. The machines are enriched with stainless steel panels.

PRESTIGE – Pure white opaque finishes, vertical push-button panel with LED buttons, lights on each group for correct illumination of the working areas, renewed lances to ensure better ergonomics. Complete range: 1 group, 2 compact groups, 2 groups and 3 groups. Also available in Tall Cup version for all models.

PRESTIGE Compact – The compact model enhances the Prestige range, combining quality in the cup with adaptability in confined operating spaces. Prestige Compact is available in 1-group and 2-group versions.

PRESTIGE +  – Indigo blue opaque finishes, dashboards with central service display and backlit keypad. The machine is also equipped with an ambient light and the possibility of adding a second one to make the machines shine in the room. Available in 2 groups and 3 groups version and Tall Cup version for all models.

Both versions are equipped with new brass filter holders with “soft touch” handle. The shapes have been designed to ensure the best ergonomics and a correct grip. A chrome-plated insert, in coordination with the steam levers, has been added to PRESTIGE+ to enhance the range.